Retulansaaren lomamökit booking conditions:


The booker must be of legal age. The booking will be processed once the booker has sent their contact information; name, phone, address, email address.

The prepayment and the final invoice will be emailed to the customer/booker.

The reservation is confirmed when the customer has paid an advance payment (approx. 25%) of the rental price of the cottage by the due date or has paid both the advance payment and the final payment in one go. The balance of the rent will be paid five (5) weeks before the start of the holiday, otherwise the booking will be cancelled, and the advance payment will not be refunded.

If the booking is made less than two (2) weeks before the start of the holiday, the booking will be confirmed by paying the full amount.


We hope to receive written notice (letter or email) of the cancellation as soon as the impediment arises. An advance payment is withheld for cancellation. If the booking is canceled later than 14 days before date of arrival, the total price of the reservation will be charged.

If the cancellation is due to sudden illness, etc. (medical certificate required), the payment will be refunded except for the advance payment.

If the cancellation occurs during the holiday, the payment will not be refunded.


Retulansaaren Lomamökit has the right to cancel the reservation in case of force majeure, in which case the customer will be refunded the rent in full.


The keys to the cottage will be handed over to the customer at the estimated time of arrival.

Weekly rental during the high season; the cottages are available to the customer as follows:

Erpila and Lepistö: Saturday at 4 pm – Saturday at 12 noon.

Ronjala: Saturday at 5 pm – Saturday at 1 pm.

Kipala: Monday 10 a.m. – Sunday 6 p.m.

For weekend bookings, the cottage is available from Friday afternoon from 4 pm to Sunday evening at 7 pm, unless otherwise agreed.

In low season (October – April) weekly rentals Friday 4pm – Friday 12pm, or on agreed.


The rent includes a cottage with equipment (furniture, utensils, electricity, firewoods, rowing boat + 2 life jackets, fishing permit and VAT). Mattresses, blankets and pillows are included in the cottage rent as well as hand towels and (sauna) bench covers.

The cottages operate on the principle of self-sufficiency, ie toilet and kitchen paper are not included in the price.

Linen/bed sheets, towels and final cleaning are not included in the rent, the cottages are left in the same condition as on arrival. Linen/bedsheets can be purchased for 13 € / person. If the final cleaning has not been completed after the booking, we charge a cleaning fee of € 90 for Erpila, Lepistö and Ronjala and a cleaning fee of € 70 for and Kipala. Final cleaning can also be ordered in advance. A detailed cleaning instruction is found in each cottage.

The cottage must not be used by more people than stated when booking the cottage. The use of a tent or caravan on the cottage area without the permission is prohibited. Shoes should be left in the hallway; all the cottage do have wooden floors.

In winter, the roads are plowed all the way to the yard of the cottage. The tenants take care of the surroundings of the cottage themselves. Equipment can be found in the cottages.


Vacuuming and mopping the floor surfaces with a damp cloth, also from the loft if there is one in the cottage.

Cleaning of the toilet, shower rooms and dressing room (basins, mirrors, shower cubicle, floor).

Cleaning of kitchen surfaces and refrigerator, washing dishes and emptying the dishwasher.

Shaking carpets, blankets and other dusty textiles.

You do not have to worry about washing the sauna, only if the bath broom has been used, then the dried leaves must be collected.

Ashtrays are emptied into separate ashtrays.


The customer is obliged to report and compensate for the damage caused to the cottage or it’s furniture and utensils.

Damage caused by pets is the responsibility of the tenant and will be charged retrospectively.

Retulansaaren lomamökit not responsible for damage caused by natural phenomena (eg algae deposits in the lake) or animals.