Holiday cottages in Kanta-häme

Welcome to visit our cottages in Kanta-Häme.

There is something for everyone; different sizes cottages with modern and old styled utilities.

Our cottages are located on the shores of Vanajavesi in a nationally unique country environment.

On the way to the cottages you can admire the unique nature of Häme, the handsome juniper fields with cows and sheep and unique European white elms.

The village of Retula with its old buildings represents a typical Häme trail. In addition, the historically valuable Retulansaari has Iron Age cemeteries and abundant ancient monuments.

Vanajanvesi with its numerous islands is a boater’s paradise, good fishing water, famous for its abundance and common perch. Crabs season starts in late summer.

Tässä rauhallisuuden tyyssijassa voi matkailijanmieli rauhoittua ja matkata ajassa taaksepäin vuosisadan verran

Retulansaari on reilut 250 hehtaaria pinta-alaltaan. Vanajavedenlaakso on kesäisin ja talvisin hyvin kaunis ja rauhallinen paikka viettää lomaa.

All season cottages

Epila is a unique design log house with lots of small details, built 2003. Erpila is located on Retulansaari on the western shore of the fishy Vanajanvesi, about 25 m from the shore with a sandy beach suitable for children. 

At the long pier you can enjoy the sun and go swimming directly.

Ronjala is located in its own peace on the shore of the open Vanajavesi on the southern slope. Only an hour and a half drive from Helsinki. Nearby is the Vittiänlahti Natura bird site, which is inhabited by e.g. Eurasian bittern.

Ronjala is an idyllic and fully equipped holiday home completed in 2002, only 14 meters from the shore.

The old fisherman’s cottage with its buildings and gardens is part of the typical countryside of Retula/Tyrväntö. The cottage was renovated in 2004 into a modern house. Some of the furniture and wooden work inside the cottage are handmade by local carpenters.

Old roses, fruit trees and berry bushes grow in the yard and are in full use of the tenants. A small stone barn still stands firmly in place and has been fully restored.

For summer season

Kipala is a peaceful cottage on the back of Vanajavesi. Separate sleeping shed make the place an idyllic summer getaway for those who prefer traditional cottages.


Come and see amazing sunsets over the lake.


Mökeille ajetaan rautakautisten kalmistojen ja vanhan hämäläiskylän läpi. Vaikka mökit siis sijaitsevat saaressa kyseessä on Vanajaveden suurin saari, johon on siltayhteys. Autolla siis perille kaikille mökeille kuivin jaloin.

Retulansaari on reilut 250 hehtaaria pinta-alaltaan

Start your holiday

Retulansaari is the biggest lake on Vanavesi more than 250 hectares. Vanajavedenlaakso is a very beautiful and peaceful place to spend your holidays in summer and winter. Still, the services and sights of southern Finland are close by. Ideapark Lempäälä 60 km, Aulanko Spa 30 km.

In this haven of peace, the visitor can calm down and travel back in time by a century. Retulansaari has Iron Age cemeteries and abundant ancient monuments.